Vampires vs Zombies

Vampires vs ZombiesRobyn, the head editor at (great site, btw) sent me an email last week, posing a simple question for an upcoming article: “Which are more dangerous to the human race, Zombies or Vampires?” I wrote the following:

This is gonna sound a little strange coming from a zombie lover, but if we’re talking about traditional Romero zombies (slow walkers), then I believe that the greater threat would be vampires. Whereas a zombie
can be taken out with bullet to the head, you need to get close and personal to kill a vampire. Zombies tend attract attention to themselves whereas vampires blend into the community. The thing to remember is that vampires (no matter how glamorous) infest an area like rats. They continue to multiply until the food supply is
exhausted. Vampires are more efficient than zombies because they are intelligent. You see, when zombies see people trapped in a building, they will surround it and pound on the walls, hoping to gain access.
When vampires are in the same situation, they’ll set the building on fire so their food will come to them. That said, sprinting zombies win hands down. There would be no time to organize a defense.

Do I like vampires? Brian Detwiller summed it up nicely, “Zombies are The Clash – unpredictable and dangerous. Vampires are N’Sync – all frosted tips and a penchant for sucking.”

What do you think? Did I hit or miss the mark?