Plants vs. Zombies in Person

Plants vs. ZombiesOctober has got to be the official month of zombie walks. There seem to be a gazillion of them with this upcoming Halloween. And yes … zombie walks are awesome. But one in particular caught my eye … it is a Plants Versus Zombies themed zombie walk in downtown New York.

From the article:

Popcap Games is an official sponsor of this year’s Village Halloween Parade, and they’re not content to be represented by a lousy street sign. No, they’re forming a Plants vs. Zombies troupe to march in the parade, inviting fans of the game, zombie groupies, and “macabre gardening types” to come celebrate with them on October 31st. The company is attempting to make this year’s event the largest zombie gathering in parade history, going as far as to extending special invitations to zombie enthusiast organizations such as NYC Zombie Crawl and ZombieCon.

If anyone goes to this thing, you have to send me pictures. It sounds like a blast. Also, if you have zombie walk in your area, shoot me an email and let me know. I’ll make sure to get the word out here.

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