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Zombie Heroin Creates Zombies Without the Hunger

Zombie HeroinIt’s one thing to read about zombie apocalypses, and it’s also another thing to read it in the news. If the story about the bath salt zombie attack in Florida didn’t turn your gut, this should certainly stir up your dinner a little. This zombie news story takes kind of a twist. Instead of zombies attacking people, people are zombifying themselves with some nasty consequences.

This zombie drug is no joke. It is a mixture of household ingredients such as paint thinner, iodine, and gasoline and a bunch of other crazy stuff that makes me wonder how the hell to do people figure this out. It gets the user high as hell, but it’s pretty much a nuclear bomb on the user’s body.

From the article:

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Weapon Madness – Round Two – Ranged Weapon Contest: AK-47 versus Flare Gun

Weapon MadnessContinuing onward with Weapons Madness, we have an old matchup made new. I don’t have any of the results for this one so it’s good to get a second opinion. Enjoy!

Here’s a matchup that on the surface looks to be an easy winner, but before you go ahead and cast your vote, take a moment to think about this one because when you do … I think you’ll see that it’s not so clear cut as it appears. The key thing to remember that in a post apocalyptic situation, a machine gun can be a magnet to your location. If you aren’t shooting and moving, you’re basically ringing the dinner bell for all the undead near you. While the flare gun doesn’t have great kill potential, it does have great distraction potential. When the power is out and the dead is wandering the dark streets like lost sheep, a nice bonfire can open a closed road and if the neighborhood gang just happens to be the target of that said bonfire, then all the better.

In any case, as for last nights matchup … the hatchet went down swinging. The machete still reins king. I gotta say, I do like the utility value of the hatchet, but as Garrett mentioned on the Facebook page, a lot of swinging is gonna result in some rubbery arms. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get close enough to a zombie to get into the wet work, but then again, I’d be lucky to survive the first few days. Sure, I can write about the upcoming zombie apocalypse but those skills don’t translate well into survival skills.

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Weapon Madness – Round Two – Melee Weapon Contest: Hammer vs Pitchfork Revisited

Weapon Madness – Round Two – Melee Weapon Contest: Hammer vs PitchforkThe other night, I was thinking about getting an old fashioned zombie movie bracket going again, when I realized that I never finished the weapon madness bracket. In fact, when we last left off – oh, I don’t know – two years ago, we were pitting the hammer versus a pitchfork. I have no idea about the results of that trial, so here it is again.

The Bracket so far

Which one would you take in a zombie apocalypse?

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Childrens Book + Zombies + MST3k = Woooah! Keanu Style

Zombie in a TreehouseAnother day. Another Kickstarter project. Personally, I love the idea of crowd funding. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. And while we’ve heard of many dramatic successes with it, there have been some pretty dramatic flops as well (originally found from Jonathan Mayberry’s Twitter feed).

But here’s a project that I can really sink my teeth into … it’s a children’s book being ported over to the iPad (cool) which tells the story of a zombie in a treehouse (very cool) which is going to be read some very prominent Mystery Science Theater 3000 Alum (awesome).

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Nothing Like A Summer Wedding — Zombie Style

Zombie WeddingHere’s a little tidbit from the Odds and End department. A young Washington couple wanted do a little something different for their wedding, so they decided to have a parade of the undead. Ahh yes, there’s nothing like mixing the stress of a wedding with an unstoppable horde of fleshing eating corpses.

The usher’s job must have been hilarious — “Bride, Groom, or Undead”. And while the answer to the last group may seem obvious, I have been to weddings when it really wasn’t the case.

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How Important is Hygiene in the Post Apocalypse?

Fallout 3A long time back, I remember getting really deep into the game Fallout 3. For the uninitiated, it’s a nuclear post-apocalyptic role playing game for the PC, XBox, and PS3. The game features some incredible production values so it is very easy to get caught up in the world.

Well, I remember I visited the town of Megaton to trade with the local merchant. She lived in corrugated house with multiple floors. It was filled with an assortment of broken electronic devices, shambled furniture, and some other derelict knick-knacks to produce an overwhelming sense of squalor. After our trade, I decided to snoop around when I noticed the merchant doing something entirely unexpected. She started sweeping the floor. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Lady, I thought. You live in the roach pit. The floor is the least of your problems.

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A World on Fire Book Status – August 2012

A World on FireWow … hard to believe this project is going on five years, but there it is. At nights, when I can’t hear that inner critic with a crowbar, I comfort myself by remembering that the Lord of the Rings took seventeen years to produce. It’s cold comfort, of course, but it makes me sleep better.

The idea of the series started as a way to keep me writing daily, and like all writers, I’ve found myself “distracted” by many other things. This web site being one of them. I could list them all but I’m boring myself just to think of them. So what’s the status of the project? Well, not so good.

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